On the 12 of October our member Mafalda Sandrini presented The Moving Network at the “Transkultur Tagung: „Transkultur! Wer spricht? Wer hört zu? Wer verbindet?” (Transculture! Who’s speaking? Who listens? Who connects?), a two days conference organised by the Fern Universität in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Borketing Intercultural Exchange, under the academic direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinze and Prof. Dr. Wolfram.

As cultures cannot be considered anymore as static and separated, the aim of the conference was to discuss and reflect about how transcultural culture creates an intense diversity of voices, opinions and hybrid forms of communication. Different experts from the field participated in order to provide their perspective and experiences about methods and practices. Mafalda, after presenting our project, mediated the panel discussion between Bill Flood and Alexander Koch. Bill Flood works in Oregon as consultant for management of culture and organizations, in order to plan and facilitate coalition and program development; Alexander Koch is the co-founder of the KOW Gallery in Berlin and has been the initiator of the new patrons in Germany.


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