Gernot Wolfram’s scientific work about digitalisation and empowerment is relevant beyond German borders: Recently he was invited by the Goethezentrum Uganda and the Konrad Adenauer foundation to Makere University in Uganda’s capital Kampala. He presented there the work  and methods of the Moving Network.

(Kampala) The Makere University in Kampala lists amongst the best universities located on the African contintent – a fact that is regularly confirmed by high rankings. On behalf of the Goethezentrum Uganda and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Prof. Dr. Wolfram from the Moving Network was invited to speak at the Main Hall about empowerment, digital and cultural education within the scope of the project “Open Doors”. Prof. Wolfram’s lecture that presented many results of the research network “The Moving Network” was visited by the French ambassador in Uganda and representatives of the German embassy. Moreover, many Ugandan civilians and members of the parliament came to listen.

On the next day, Prof. Wolfram held a seminar on the topic of digital platforms and empowerment. Many Ugandan and international NGO’s, refugee initiatives and artists took the chance to participate. The seminar’s goal was to illustrate that especially in third world countries, digital and cultural empowerment can be a chance for marginalized population groups to gain publicity for their concerns, but also to found companies or to be active in the creative industries.

Last but not least, a special premiere was connected to the event: following the seminar, the “Ubuntu Talks” were held for the first time – an attempt to develop a specific African version of the TEDx events. The “Ubuntu Talks” are constructed to become its own, similarly successful brand.

“The creativity and the richness of ideas of the people here is fascinating. Under very difficult circumstances, people work on a very high level on creative ideas to network. During the seminar about digital platforms, it became obvious how crucial it is for the respective participants to achieve digital empowerment strategies in a faster manner. Especially for the refugees – and Uganda is amongst the countries which have taken in the most refugees – it is essential for survival to make their own concerns nationally and internationally heard. Many of the solutions that are found here can also be relevant for Germany”, said Gernot Wolfram after his return from his journey.




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